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Skin Care – Routine to help refine and smooth skin

My skin has really suffered since I moved to France. I find the air quite dry here compared to Singapore and this really dries out my already dry skin.

I went along to see Dr. Magnani in Valbonne with my skin concerns and she very efficiently recommended a new night time face care regime. Mix 1 hazelnut sized amount of Avène cold cream moisturizer and mix it with 2 squirts of Effederm 0.05% vitamin A (only available on prescription).

Moisturize the face and neck avoiding eyes, corners of nose and mouth with the mixture at night only.

She strongly recommended that I wear SPF when exposed to the sun as the skin is now a little bit thinner and more suceptible to sun damage. I religiously wear factor 50 on my face, neck and décollage so this is not a problem for me.

Having been religiously performing the nightly ritual for two weeks, I am very pleased with the results. My skin looks clearer and brighter and less dry. I also notice that the pores look slightly more refined. Apparently it also helps with fine wrinkles over time but I cant attest to this yet. I will be continuing this ritual for the foreseeable future and will keep you updated.

Please note that this is my experience with the products and if you decide to try this routine, please consult Dr. Magnani or a suitably qualified professional.

P.S. I absolutely love the Avène dry sensitive skin cold cream and have started using this as an all over body moisturiser. It can be easily found at any pharmacy and is reasonably priced for a superb product that smells divine and does what it says on the label.

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