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Red for Summers ( Light Cool Colouring)

This is typically how I wear red. I tone it down with white and navy.

One of my school Mom friends recently mentioned that she didn’t think she could wear red or more accurately thought ‘She looked awful in red’. I used to think this for years also until I discovered that there actually is a red that works for me. You see, I have cool summer colouring and I have lots of red in my skin so I have to be careful that I don’t end up looking like a tomato. The mom in question also has summer colouring I suspect, but her colouring is a little lighter than mine so I suspect she is actually a light summer. Her red can be a little warmer than mine, though still from the cool palette. I have compiled a few tips here to help people with light cool colouring to wear more red:



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    Choose a red with white in it. Think watermelon rather than tomato.

  2. Wear red with white. This immediately cools it down. Try red/ white stripes.
  3. Wear red, white and navy together. This combination typically looks really nice on summers.
  4. Pink reds are great for you.

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