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6 Ways to make your clothes look more expensive..

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When I was dressing this morning, my choice of outfit got me thinking. I had chosen a light silk dress in a pattern I love. The fabric is a bit light weight for my body scale(which is medium) and it looked not quite right and a bit cheap to be honest. I decided to add a slip. Immediately the dress looked far more appropriate for my medium build and it looked more expensive as the dress skimmed my body rather than bunching around my bumpy bits. Who doesn’t want to look more expensive and less bumpy?? Here are 6 simple tips to upgrade the look of your outfits:

  1. Wear a slip: A slip provides an extra layer of fabric so that the outer layer skims rather than clings.
  2. Wear lower contrast: Lower contrast clothing looks more refined and is an easy
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    way to up the ante of an outfit. Think grayed pink and beige.

  3. Get your clothes tailored: A 10€ skirt can look like an 200€ purchase if the skirt is tailored to fit your body. It’s all about fit.
  4. Buttons Before and afterChange the buttons: This is an easy and inexpensive way to take a blah jacket to fabulous.
  5. Change the belt: Many dresses come with cheap plastic belts; chuck the pleather/ plastic and add a good quality belt. Look out for good quality belts during sales as these will never go out of fashion.
  6. Mix high-end classics with more fashionable/on trend items. Kate Middleton does this to great effect. Take your department store dress and add a nice quality leather jacket and accessories and you are good to go.

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