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School Run Capsule


One of the main tools I use to organize my own wardrobe is the concept of a capsule wardrobe. It really makes life very easy but does require some thought and planning. The concept of a capsule works really well for packing but also for the daily school run, when you are stretched for time and sanity sometimes! Pull a capsule together during the weekend by keeping these few tips in mind.

  1. All the tops chosen must be able to be combined with all the bottoms.
  2. Keep things nice and simple by selecting neutrals so items can easily mix and match though this concept can work well with prints also.
  3. Add colour in accessories (In this case, I choose peach, aqua and silver but you can choose whatever works for your colouring).
  4. Choose items that you can layer as this creates more interest and you can pare down and up the layers depending on the time of day/temperature.

These 7 basic items of clothing can create 10 unique out fits –  2 weeks of school run. You can change up the accessories to change your look; add a different colour scarf, wedges, bangles etc.

Can you find the 10 outfits? If not, you can check them out through link below.

School Run Capsule Presentation


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