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Colour: Proceed with caution.

I had my ‘colours done’ many moons ago and I have to tell you that it wasn’t exactly the fun and informative session that I thought it was going to be. In fact, I came away more confused than knowledgeable. The session took place at my then home and the poor harried image consultant arrived by taxi with a full length mirror and what looked like 1000 drapes (Coloured cloth used to colour code people). She broke her toenail on the way in through my door and this set the scene for about 2 hours of trying to get the light ‘just right’, to being draped within an inch of my life. In my humble opinion, a colour consultation can be a lot more fun and relaxed than that. This was one of my main focuses when I started doing colours for people. I wanted to make the session fun and informative and teach my client how to be able to choose her own colours without a colour swatch in sight. You already know many of the colours that suit you and a colour consultation should take you to the next level. Here comes the list:;

A colour consultation should:

  1. Be fun and enjoyable and about you.
  2. Show you the full range of colours that work for you.
  3. Show you how to combine colours in a pleasing manner for your level of contrast.
  4. Help show you how to wear colours that are not ideal for you. (After all many of us probably have black or other colours that don’t highlight our natural beauty in our current wardrobe).
  5. Show you colour options/ combinations that work fit with your personality and level of comfort so you feel more confident.

Have you had your colours done? Did you enjoy the experience? If so, I would love to hear from you.

If you are interested in having your colours done, I am running my next Colour Confidence Workshop October 12th


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