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Scarves – Yes Please.

One of the things I love about living in France is that I can wear scarves again. I had to forsake this particular pleasure in Singapore for 18 years due to the heat and humidity. A scarf is an inexpensive and easy way to add colour and to update your wardrobe with a nod to the latest trend. Here is a list of why I think scarves are the bees knees:

  • They add colour and pizzaz to a classic work outfit. A scarf can immediately add personality to an outfit and make you look more dynamic. Here is a great video with some fantastic ways to make a neutral outfit look amazing for work.
  • Allows us to wear something of the latest trend without too much effort. Most of us don’t have a fortune to spend on our wardrobe each season and even less time to go and find the latest trend that works for us. Add a touch of va-vroom to your outfit with a bang on trend animal print scarf (If you dare!) If you have cool colouring go for a black and white animal print or if you are warm opt for leopard or tiger print.
  • Blend a less than ideal colour up close to your face. If you havent had you colours done already, then just do it! Enough said!
  • Change an unflattering neckline. One of the huge benefits of a scarf is that it can change an unflattering neckline on a top. For instance, I have a short neck and I don’t look great in crew necks or closed in necklines. I can easily change the focal point by wearing a scarf so that my neckline in now a cowl and much more flattering. You can also flow a scarf down the front of your body like the lady with the jeans in the picture. This is a slimming and flattering look for most people.

Its starting to get cold here in the sunny South of France so I have already pulled out my collection of scarves and have a special place for them in the hall so that I can pull one on and add a touch of class and personality as I go about my daily chores.

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