Time Saving Wardrobe

Investment Dressing/ Cost Per Wear Formula (CPW)

Want to save time, money and energy when building your work wardrobe, then always keep the cost per wear formula in mind.

One of the golden rules when building a wardrobe and looking fabulous is to select the best quality you can afford when buying basics such as jackets, skirts, pants etc. You can compromise on items such as fashionable accessories and on trend clothes but never on the classics.

For example a medium weight wool trousers with a classic straightleg costs €500. This may initially seem expensive but cost is relative. This item will take you through many seasons and you will probably wear it at least 100 times. The cost per wear is €5.

Contrast this to a fashionable, of the moment dress that you pickup in a sale for €150. You may love it, but chances are that it is already going out of fashion so you may get to wear it 2-3 times,

then the cost per wear is about $50.

Another big advantage to buying the best quality you can afford in wardrobe basics is the amount of time saved skelping around the shops trying to replace that poor quality item you picked up in a sale last season. Your trusty high quality basic will be waiting patiently in the wardrobe for you and will always elevate any outfit.

Always work out the cost per wear formula when buying a new item.

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