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The Quest For The Perfect Boots

I am currently on the quest to find the perfect pair of boots to add to my autumn/ winter wardrobe. I have visited all the shops in Antibes and Cannes but have come up short. You see, my requirement is very exact as I really think about each new addition to my wardrobe. It kills me to add something that I won’t wear because of the space it takes up, the cost and just the waste of time and effort required to invest in something that doesn’t work.

So what is this holy grail that I am looking for?

Well, they need to be leather as suede just wont cut it in rainy winter, I want a grey/taupe colour (This colour works well with my hair colour/ wardrobe), they must have a comfortable heel and I’m looking for a mid-length style that I can wear with my shorter slim pants and jeans. I am looking for a refined style that will add some formality to my outfits as currently I have way too many casual clothes! I found the perfect pair online, see picture, but I am reluctant to buy them as I would prefer to try them on as comfort is a huge thing for me. Have you seen them or a pair like them?

So you may ask at this stage, what is the point of this article?? The point I’m making here is that planning goes a long way. To save time, effort and energy, you should first clearly define what you are looking for and your chances of finding it are so much greater. What boots are you adding to your wardrobe for Autumn/ Winter and what are your criteria – What colour, what material, what length, what style, what do they need to work with in your current wardrobe? When you answer these questions, you narrow your search and your laser like focus is sure to get you the perfect pair of boots without expending too much energy:) Do let me know how you get on.

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