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Top Tips to prepare a fabulous festive outfit

Tonal Taster Festive Season
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I know, I know…… We are just over Halloween and I am already talking about Christmas. Its worth thinking about your party wardrobe now so you don’t have to panic the week before. I have put some looks here together based on my new tonal taster workshop.

  1. While I have chosen a dress for each of these looks, you can also do a black pants and a top in a similar colour. If the weather is particularly cold, then do consider adding thermal tights that tone with your shoes to keep you toasty and elongate your legs.
Spanx Open Bust Mid Thigh Bodysuit

2. Don’t forget to pull out your shapewear. I particularly love the styles that allow you to wear your own underwear. Do bear in mind to choose styles that will allow you to visit the toilet without having to remove your entire outfit! Not fun in a cold hotel bathroom!

3. Adding a little or a lot of  sparkle to your outfit will up the festive factor. You can do this with shiny/ sparkly silver or gold jewellery or you can opt for festive fabrics such as velvet, brocade or materials with shiny qualities. Avoid putting sparkle or shine in areas of the body that you prefer to keep in the background e.g. If you are pear shaped, keep shiny elements above the waist.

4. Investing in a warm, stylish shrug in a neutral colour that works for you is a definite do as it will add a touch of luxury to your festive outlook and keep you warm. After all no one looks stylish if they are shivering and freezing cold.

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