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Styling Coloured Leggings

Styling leggings -3 Ways
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My fleece lined leggings arrived from Aenlley via Amazon today and I couldn’t be happier. I got 4 colours, cranberry, khaki, grey and black so I am going to have lots of fun trying them with different outfits. They are warm and high-waisted and are long enough to go right down to my feet. They are definitely not tights though so they would not work with refined looking dresses. Because they are chunkier, they will look great with a more substantial shoe, hence why I styled all the outfits above with boots or boot type shoes. I have kept the tops long to cover to at least mid-thigh as unless you are perfect in these areas, leggings are pretty unforgiving. The looks I have created above will work for most figure types but you may consider belting the poncho or the black tunic dress if its all looking a bit volumous ( Not sure if this is an official word but it makes perfect sense to me!). Anyways I need to get myself off to bed here so I hope you have happy dreams about all sorts of wonderful things to do with coloured leggings:)

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