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Holding out for a hero……;

Draped Waistcoat by Provocation , Italy

I have to say that I am not a big fan of prince charming or waiting around for a man on a white horse to rescue me, however I do get rather excited when I find another type of hero -The wardrobe hero… Have you heard about this? Well, the wardrobe hero is worth its weight in gold and rescues many other pieces that would otherwise be unflattering or just a bit flat. It adds an additional layer to an outfit, which can often elevate it from blah to uber stylish. This additional layer can also help to disguise our less than loved parts; in my case, my rather rounded tummy (often seen on a figure of eight bodyshape). I found just such a hero this morning and I am busy dreaming up ways it will rescue several pieces in my wardrobe. My find is a draped peplum waistcoat in a grey black colour. It is quite a creative piece and is designed by Provocation in Italy. I paid a good bit more than I normally would for a waistcoat but I know it will pay me back many times over. This piece works well with my figure as it is nipped in at the waist but then flares out a little in a peplum. I can wear it over a shift dress, with jeans, over a wrap dress -you name it. I have put a few ideas together here in a urstyle set for you to peruse.

Try a hero piece with.........
Click on picture to see details….

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