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Muted – Are you cool or warm?

Which type of muted are you.
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Would you describe your colouring as muted? You might be muted if you have a blended look. There is low contrast between your skin, hair and eyes and an overall softness to your colouring. You tend to look best in soft muted colours like grey, soft pink, soft green and beige rather than bright or dark colours. Typically, you will have several different colours in your hair that blend to an overall soft/blurred colour.

The colours that suit you look expensive and rich and are sometimes referred to as Armani Colours. The recently coined ‘Greige” is one of these colours and Armani uses it to great effect. It is a mix between grey and beige and is a fantastic neutral colour for women with muted colouring.

You can be one of two types if you are soft muted – Cool soft muted or Warm soft muted. Cool soft muted women look best in cool soft muted colours e.g. soft blue based pinks, soft grey greens; while warm soft muted women  look best in warm soft muted colours e.g. caramel beige, soft muted khaki, and soft gold.

I have prepared a set above showing the difference in these soft muted designations.

To learn more on how to look amazing if you are an Armani girl or not, do consider having your colours done. For less than the price of a winter coat (definitely less than an Armani coat!), you will be able to walk into a shop and confidently choose colours that work for you and make you look fabulous. So what are you waiting for? Drop me an email at aileen@laneimageconsulting and get booked in today.

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