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Professional Dressing – Sleeve Lengths & Necklines


If you want your colleagues to respect you as a professional, you need to create the right impression (or not, as the case may be).

Accountants, lawyers, bankers, and office workers who are seriously looking for promotion should opt for long sleeves to express optimum professionalism.

Three-quarter sleeves are the minimum length to be taken seriously in your career.

Short sleeves are for casual wear; when you wear them in the office you are saying that you do not take the professional part of the job seriously.

Sleeveless should be kept for social occasions only.

Rounded Neckline
Rounded Neckline

When it comes to necklines, a round-neck top is great for when a professional woman wants to be more approachable, especially to change into for when she meets friends after work.

However, at work when she wants to be seen as authoritative or to be taken more seriously, then a V-neck would be even better.

o Sharp angles = perceived as authority
o Rounded shapes = perceived as approachability
You never see military uniforms of a high rank with rounded shapes!

Cowl Neckline
Cowl Neckline


However, for those style personalities who may feel a bit rigid in sharp angles, a soft, cowl neck might offer the perfect balance – to express authority and be approachable at the same time

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