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Leather Leggings & The Tonal Taster

Leather leggings are huge for the winter season and with good reason – They are warm, comfortable and add edge to any outfit. I have been hearing rave reviews about Spanx range of leggings so they are on my wish list for 2019. The key with leggings is to wear with a longer line top so that any muffin tops or chunky thighs are not put on show. The Spanx range have built in tummy control so these are ideal for women with concerns in this area. You can also try leather leggings with a shorter dress or a mini skirt for more coverage around bum and thighs. Keep in mind that shine will bring the eye to an area so shinier leggings will draw attention to your lower body; if this is not your strong point, then may I suggest leather leggings with a matt finish which will be much more flattering. In terms of colour, do consider different colours to create the right level of contrast for you. For example soft-muted people will probably look better in grey- black leggings which will create a lower level of contrast for them with their colours.

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