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Colour Analysis and the colour swatches

I just received a new set of seasonal colour swatches and I always get so excited when they arrive. I never tire of looking at all the beautiful colours. I especially love my new summer fans

– They are just so perfect. On the back of all the swatches is a truck load of information:

  1. Your best lightest neutrals and your best darkest neutrals. This information alone is worth a fortune as these colours provide the foundation for your wardrobe and this is where to invest your euros.
  2. Your best jewellery and accessories colours. This information is critical and will help you wear colours which are not ideal for you.
  3. Your best colours for different occassions e.g. professional, romantic etc.
  4. Your best makeup colours including eyeshadows, blusher and lipsticks.
  5. Tips on choosing haircolours. Invaluable information when visiting your hair stylist.

The fabric colour swatches are all contained neatly in pocket/purse size wallet that will last a lifetime.

Have you had your colours done? If not, I suggest it is a fantastic investment and may just change your life, like it did mine.

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