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The Perfect Work Jacket

Love it or hate it, nobody can deny that a jacket can add a certain authority and air of confidence in a work environment. My particular issue with jackets is finding one that is comfortable. I find the majority too stiff and unyielding for my curvy body type. The majority of womens professional jackets out there are designed with a straight body type in mind. Great for all the straight body types but what about the rest of us. Well here are a few tips that I have found work (pardon the pun!):

1. Search for jackets in fabrics that are not so tightly woven. I have found great jackets in jersey or wool that feel just like wearing a soft sweater.

2. The fit across the back and shoulders is critical. You should be able to cross your arms comfortably and move freely. The silky lining on the inside of the jacket should always be more than the fabric on the main jacket to allow this freedom of movement.

3. If you have a small waist, then you you may need to get the jacket tailored beneath the bust area, otherwise you will have excess fabric in this area, the jacket will be less than flattering and probably look sloppy.

4. Consider a peplum jacket (See picture above). These are my personal favourites, accomodating curved high hips and adding a feminine touch.

5. V neck single breasted jackets are universally flattering and allow you to wear most top styles beneath.

So there you go, no excuses now. The perfect jacket is out there waiting for you to upgrade your work wardrobe.

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