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Ah portrait pictures, don’t you love them! For such a tiny picture, it sure does cause a lot of humming and hawing. Its worth taking the time to work out what works for you though as this little picture will follow you around for many years to come on business cards, websites, media articles and of course LinkedIn! I am due to get an updated portrait picture with the lovely Karen from Karen Lucas Photography and she has given me a very clear guide on the do’s and don’ts so here goes:


  • Wear clothes that are form-fitting but don’t reveal areas that shouldn’t be revealed (tailored tops, dresses & jackets look great)
  • Make sure the neckline is flattering to your face and body shape
  • V-necks often photograph better than round neck or slash neck tops
  • Keep it stylish and add bold colour or designer elements for more impact. Women can be much more adventurous with colour and accessories than men
  • Iron clothes well and check there are no rips, stains, loose threads or fluff
  • Smaller patterns tend to photograph better – too loud and we look at your clothes instead of your face


  • Dressing too young or too old or too sexy
  • Designs that flatten the breasts or horizontal lines that cut across the breasts and don’t compliment the womanly shape
  • Baggy or shapeless clothing that makes you look bigger and older than you are
  • Overly-loud patterns that distract and make you look bigger
  • Stiff fabrics that don’t drape well
  • Clothes that wrinkle or gape unattractively
  • Very shiny materials or clothing with prominent logos

Karen also advises that smiling showing your teeth is a better option than a closed mouth smile even if your teeth are less than even.

Tip: Bring along a spare jacket, top/shirt or different accessories if you’d like the option of two different looks.

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