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Ask Post -What is it?

Do you know what an ask post is?

Well, I didn’t know what it was till very recently.

An ask post is exactly what it says on the tin – It’s a social media post in which you ask for what you want.

It seems simple doesn’t it. But oh no, it is not simple. I am fine with hinting or suggesting but outright asking is another story.

I have been doing a 5 Day LinkedIn Challenge as part of a linkedin bootcamp course and one of the requirements is to do a direct ask post. No stories, no nice dressing it up. Just ask for business.

Oh my goodness – It took me days of didderring and doddering and procrastination. I have finally made the post and here it is:

Doesn’t look so hard so why all the diddering?

Fear and rejection is the simple answer.

Am I being too pushy, too salesy, too desperate!!!

Had to pull out all the stops and dig deep and resort to my favourite quote:

Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Well now that its done, I don’t know what I made such a fuss about. Thats how I was feeling until I realised that the requirement is to send out one ask post/ week. Aaaaah!! Lots more digging to be done!

What about you? What have you had to do this week that caused you to feel the fear?

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