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What happens when I come and have my style done?

What happens when I come and have my style done?

I am asked this question on a daily basis so I thought I would answer it here.

My first response is always:

Style is a journey – I start at where you are at right now and I establish where you want to be.

We then sit down with a nice cup of tea and draw up a plan together on how you get to where you want to be. It usually looks something like this.

I start with colour – Have you had your colours done? If not, this is the perfect place to start. Read more here. If you have had your colours done, then we review where you are at and look at the next steps in this area.

Next I look at style personality. Have you established what your style personality is? Do you need help refining it. Do you have a signature style? What is your signature style?

Next I establish what you body shape is. There isn’t a measuring tape, a height chart a weighing scale in sight and I promise not to make you strip down! This information allows me to advise you on the best cuts, shapes and fabric for your body.

I also establish what you areas of ‘struggle’ are. Do you feel underdressed or overdressed in different areas of your life? What would you like to be able to say/feel?

As you can see at this point, I will be asking lots of questions to get to the crux of your concerns and to establish where you want to be.

Only when I have all this information, will I begin to advise you on what to wear. I will then go through the different situations/roles that you need to dress for and make my recommendations. With your input and with my input, I will prepare a prescription for you of what to wear for the different areas of your life.

Style is a journey, has many facets and will change throughout your life as your life situation changes. My advise to you is to take it one step at the time and enjoy the process, just like life itself.

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