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The Navy Suit

Nothing projects more authority than a navy suit. It is my go to item for corporate events, interviews or any situation that requires making a great impression.

It is truly an investment piece as it is so versatile . A classic navy suit is unmemorable and can be worn regularly with different blouse/scarf/jewellery combinations to give a multitude of looks.


In a work / business environment, you will, at some time, need both of these looks.

A visit to the bank manager for a business loan calls for the authoritative look, but to ask for an extension to an overdraft, I would suggest the approachable look. Every person needs to know their authoritative and approachable look.

The authoritative look requires dark colours or neutrals worn with the lightest of colours or neutrals, i.e. navy jacket worn with white blouse.

When you need to be the team leader the approachable look works better and this look needs less contrast, i.e. navy jacket worn with periwinkle blue blouse.


For the most authority, choose the darkest navy that works for you or sharpest pinstripe navy.

For those of you who have had your colours done, here are my recommendations:

Summer: Choose a grey blue navy with silver or neutral navy buttons. Your navy looks dusty.

Winter: Go for the blackest navy you can find. A pinstripe will probably look great on you too as geometric print works for you.

Autumn: A marine navy is best for you. Though hard to find, the orange undertone in the navy will really work with your colouring. A textured finish is ideal like a tweed or a brocade.

Spring: Think bright and clear. A light clear navy will be your best option and you may even get away with a bit of sheen in the fabric.

You simply cannot go wrong by investing in a navy suit in the best quality you can afford. Dress it up with a sharp white shirt and heels or dress it down with a T-shirt and sneakers. It never disappoints and will repay your investment many times over.

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