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Need to stand up and speak – What to wear?

Giving a presentation or standing up to speak in front of a group causes most people to want to bolt for the hills. What to wear is high on the list of concerns. Here are my top tips on making the best possible impression:

1. Smart casual is about as casual as you should go. Avoid anything in denim or shoes that are ultra casual such as runners.

2. A tailored jacket over a tailored pants or dress will look great and immediately show your professionalism. Darker neutral colours tend to work best as they will create a contrast with any other colour you wear.

3. Use colour to your advantage. A shell top or a dress in a bright colour that suits you will keep the attention on you. Red is a great colour to show confidence and establish you as the expert.

4. Keep shoes polished and close toed as sandals look less professional. A nude court shoe with a medium heel will look good with most tailored clothes. Look for a comfy style as you may be on your feet for several hours.

5. Wear light makeup with matte finishes. You will look healthier and more polished under the harsh lights of a conference room or the stage.

Do plan your outfit several days before your event.

Try your outfit on if you are planning on wearing anything that you haven’t worn before. The last thing you need is a clothes malfunction just before you hit the limelight.

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