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Are you guilty of ‘The Guilt’?

Do you feel guilty spending time doing things you know will make you feel happy and contented?

I know I can get terrible guilt from time to time. It usually strikes early morning (after the kids have gone to school) and its time for me to get cracking on my day. As I work for myself, I can totally choose what I want to do unless I have a consultation booked in. I can go for a run, take a long shower and spend time getting dressed but usually I start fretting and feeling guilty that I should be doing something more productive. Despite having spent the last several hours catering to other people and often having been up during the night (my youngest gets bad growing pains), I still feel guilty spending time as I please.

I see this all the time with my clients and my friends. They routinely short cut themselves while they literally run around taking care of everyone else. They often run themselves ragged and don’t even take the time to dress nicely or get their hair coloured.

Recently I gave a 2 hour talk about colour to a group of ladies and it was held in the afternoon. Most of the ladies rushed off at the end and one of the ladies came up and told me that she felt ‘frivolous’ for taking the afternoon off and doing something that she had been wanting to do for years. It was two hours for god’s sake. I know no man who would stress about spending two hours on themselves! Do you?

Do you agree that when you take care of yourself and spend the time doing the things you love, then you are better able to be there for other people? You are a nicer person to be around, you feel more confident and you are happier to give other people what they need.

Conversely, when you short cut self-care, you are less fun to be around, you are impatient and feel hard done by. Your confidence and self-esteem are low. You look and feel frumpy.

Who wants to feel like this and who wants to be with a person like this?

Isn’t it time you stopped putting yourself last on your ‘to do’ list?

Isn’t it time to regain your self-confidence and stop choosing to feel second rate?

Everyone else is getting ahead and making the changes required to get ahead and you remain stuck feeling old and frumpy and not good enough.

You might be telling yourself that you will treat yourself better when you are more successful, but you and I know that this is unlikely. How you treat yourself now, will be how you treat yourself always. This lack of investment of time and effort into yourself is what is making you feel not worthy. Changing this one thing could change everything for you.

Are you READY….

To put yourself first for a change?

If you are then, drop me a message to find out about a new live online mentoring program that I am about to launch, that will have you looking fabulous and feeling confident within two weeks. There are just 10 places available for this pilot run so message me now to book your place.

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