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How to shop for colours that suit you? ( Even if you have never had your colours done…)

Did you know that clothes designers and manufacturers often have trouble getting the colours they want in the garments they design and produce. Just this week, I was reading that the ice and jewel colours of the ‘Winter’ palette are particularly challenging to dye.

I never really thought about this before but this is perhaps why we see the same old colours in the shops season in, season out. This can make it difficult to find the colours that we want as our choices are limited.

Another difficulty with finding the colours that suit us is actually understanding why some hues suit us and other don’t. There is a science and an art behind it. The colours that suit you are in the same colour palette as the colour of your skin, eyes and natural hair colour. When you extend out this colour range there are thousands of colours that work for you.

Understanding the science behind the colours that suit you will really help you when are shopping as you can review the garment colours available and make a choice. Is the colour warm, cool, light, bright, deep or muted? Or is it a combination of two or more of these categories? That’s it. Most women can quickly learn how to do this for themselves after they have had their colours done.

If you haven’t had your colours done yet, then here are some ways to improve you success in finding colours that suit you when shopping:

  • Choose colours that are universally flattering. These colours pretty much suit everyone -Winter white (off white, not brilliant white),
    Ivory (not cream), Mid Grey, Stone, Taupe, Mid Purple, Mid Green, Medium Teal, Pewter . undefined
  • The colours you wear up near your face are the most important – Don’t worry too much about colours below the waist (though can I suggest that a darker neutral colour is more flattering here if this is where you pack on the lbs)
  • Most garments come in several different colours; take one in each colour into the changing room and try them all on. Which one would you wear home? I always ask this question to my clients when I go shopping with them. It focuses you in on what makes you feel good and it is usually the best colour for you out of the selection.

And if you are still struggling, come on in and see me for a colour analysis or book your online colour analysis here.

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