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Online Colour Analysis – Does it even work?

I must admit this was my first thought when I heard about it. How could colour analysis possibly work if I don’t see the person in person??

I had spent 10+ years doing colour analysis the good old fashioned way with drapes when I first heard of online colour analysis so I was rather fixated on the idea that you needed the drapes (cloth fabric swatches that a colour consultant uses near the clients face).

I was sceptical about being able to do colours online because I know that colour analysis is a science and an art. It requires technical skills and an experienced eye to determine a clients colours. I have yet to see a computer program able to do this, though technology is improving everyday.

When I provide online colour analysis it requires that I meet you on video and spend time talking with you.

Colour analysis is not as simple as putting you into one of 4, 12 or even 16 boxes. It requires taking the whole person into consideration – Your natural colouring, your personality, your style personality, your lifestyle and your preferences. All this cannot possibly be deciphered by a computer program or even from a picture.

To do online colour analysis, I need to see and work with the full living, breathing human being. Certainly, I spend time building my knowledge and getting to know you before I meet you through pictures and questionnaires but the meeting online step is critical to fit all the pieces together.

What questions do you have about online colour analysis?

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