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6 Ways To Use Online Colour Analysis In Your Business

I believe online colour analysis is the colour analysis of the future.

People are spending more time online and are more time strapped than ever. What could be easier for them, then an online consult taken from the comfort of their home? I have listed 6 ways that you can use online colour analysis in your business here but I am sure there are countless other ways it can be used.

  1. Show people their best colours: Learn how to conduct an online colour analysis and you can show people their best colours and provide them with a personalised digital colour palatte that they can open on their phone for shopping or for putting an outfit together.
  2. Mens Colour Consulting: I know very few men who want to be draped or made to sit in a consultation for several hours. How about analysing them online and sending them a personalised report? I think most men would be delighted with this. What a great gift idea for your clients husband also?
  3. Build a capsule wardrobe: Once you have determined a clients colours, how easy is it to create a capsule wardrobe for them? All this work can be done online and you can send them out a beautiful report personalised for their unique needs.
  4. Online Shopping for your client: Using the clients personalised digital palatte, how about doing an online shopping service for them? I know many busy corporate clients who would pay handsomely for this service.
  5. Makeup Consult: Sell makeup? Brilliant. Determine if someone is warm or cool in minutes and send them a personalised makeup kit that will have them coming back to you over and over again.
  6. Hair Consult: Do you know anyone who wouldn’t love a hair consult?? It is one of my biggest sellers. Advise people on their best hair colour and explain to them how to speak to their hairdresser to get the colour that makes them look fabulous. You will have a client for life.

How would you use colour analysis in your business? I would love to hear. For online colour analysis training, read more here.

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