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How I went from having no clients to having a steady flow of clients

Did you know that my main way of getting clients before I went online was to create events and speak at them?

While I loved talking about colour and style, these events involved a lot of work on my part including preparing the materials for the talk, lugging whatever props I was using along to the venue, and a couple of nights of restless sleep worrying about what I should say.

Despite the hard work, I loved doing these events though the conversion rate was very low.

The majority of people would some a long to the low priced event to look and see but rarely would they book or buy my full priced services. I needed to change tactics dramatically if I was to get the conversion rate I wanted for the hours of effort I put in.

The very last event I did, 12 women turned up for my 2 hour colour demonstration and helpful tips talk. Not one of those ladies bought from me, despite the fact that I invested so many hours in putting together a fun, entertaining event.

I found that events like this totally eroded my self confidence and self-esteem.

I was about to close my business when I discovered another way of meeting, engaging and getting clients – THE WORLD WIDE WEB!
I quickly realized that there were customers right there in front of me and I didn’t have to leave the comfort of my own home.

I was pretty clueless about social media at that time so I worked with several coaches to define who my ideal client was, what their problems were and how I could help them solve their problems.
I spent the next 6 months learning how to use social media to my advantage.

I implemented everything I learnt faithfully and when I launched my first online training course, I got 5 clients right into my messages without ever having to leave my laptop.
The second time I ran the promo for the course a few short weeks later, I got 12 more clients.
In all my years of doing events, I have never picked up anywhere near 5 clients in one go and with so little effort.

Beyond getting the clients, an even greater achievement is knowing that I now have a viable and sustainable business and that I can work from any location in the world. The old way of speaking at events route never allowed this freedom.

I have taken everything I have learned in the past two years on working online and created my Connect and Convert program for Personal Stylists.

If you want a shortcut to learning what took me over 12 months, then my 15 Day Connect and Convert program is perfect for you.🙋🏼‍♀️

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