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The Truth Is You Are Not The Only Person Confused About COLOUR ANALYSIS

I have been studying colour since I first became aware of colour analysis back around the year 2000.

When I decided to become a colour consultant, I learned the basic seasonal system with Bernice Kentner (Color Me A Season, USA), one of the pioneers of seasonal colour analysis. I learnt how to mix colours from scratch and learnt the 4 basic groups of colour. At no point did I ever find the theory confusing but then Bernice’s way of teaching was simple and straight forward. She used very little jargon and kept things really practical.

It doesn’t have to be complicated

I learnt colour through Bernice’s home study program, which wasn’t that well regarded at the time. The majority of image consultants back then went overseas and took week long in house intensives to learn colour analysis.

I was very surprised when I talked to consultants who told me they were confused about colour considering they had had up to 2 weeks of full day training in the subject. I expected them to be more confident.

In 2010, consultants began to approach me to retrain in colour and I used Bernice’s very simple home study program to teach these consultants. They were truly ecstatic to discover how simple colour analysis could be. Many of them went on to have flourishing colour careers.

You are not alone

I wrote this blog to let you know that you are not the only one confused by colour analysis. There are many consultants out there, just like you, trying to muddle through consultations with a complicated system. I talk to them every day.

It doesn’t have to be like this. Colour theory is simple and hasn’t changed much since the 1970’s. My advice to new consultants is to learn the seasonal approach first. Once you understand the 4 basic seasons – all the other theories flow from this.

β€˜This course is one of the best investments I made! Aileen Lane, my instructor is a true professional dedicated to help others succeed. Her classes are small and are filled with many practical sessions, making the training fun and easy to absorb. She is patient and very encouraging. Throughout the interactions with her, I find her to be a warm and sincere person, always sharing her expertise with her students.’

Samantha Sim, Image Consultant, Singapore (Colour Analysis Training Course)

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