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Did you know that there are more than 40 online colour case studies in my ‘5 weeks To Online Colour Expert’ program.

These colour studies are conducted and reviewed by myself and by 20+ other fully qualified colour consultants using both seasonal and tonal systems .

The number of case studies is growing every day creating a unique library and guide for online colour work.

These case studies discuss:

✨Level of contrast;

✨Warm vs cool tones in hair, skin and eyes;

✨Mutedness vs Clarity;

✨The effect of different colours on skin tone.

The level of experience of the colour consultants in the group varies from
newbies who have never conducted an in house colour analysis to veteran image stylists who have been doing colour analysis for more than 25 years.

Want to become part of this extraordinary online colour community, become more confident at colour coding and be supported every day in your work. Read more about the program here.

‘ Just to say what a fabulous course the 5 week to Online Colour Analysis Expert is and what a brilliant group of inspirational women, all with different goals and skills to bring to the table. I know we will continue to help and support each other in our businesses. . You have a fabulous way of teaching, really hands on even though it’s online and I have learnt far more from this course than previous ones. 

Beccky Marlow, Image Consultant, Spain.

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