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Take The Stress Out Of ‘THE CHRISTMAS DO’

Full details of each item here

Does the Christmas do put the fright of god into you? I know it used to do for me, way back when.

Take a deep breath. You probably have everything you already need in your wardrobe.

Here are my thoughts on building a foundation and then adding a wow item to elevate your outfit.

I went through this little process today with my own wardrobe as I have a christmas lunch coming up on Tuesday and I have no time to shop! Well, I did do a quick shop online but it probably won’t be delivered on time. So here goes….

  1. Locate your most slimming and comfy black pants. Mine is similar to the style above with 3/4 length tapered legs. My ankles are one of the slimmest parts of my body so I often draw attention to them to distract from my less than toned tummy! So what you are trying to do here is distract from the bits that you are less than delighted with and play up your good points.
  2. Do you have a top with a bit of sparkle or shine? I located a vest that I plan to layer under a cardi. A bit of sparkle is great to up the glam factor. Again think strategically. Put the sparkle somewhere where you want people to look.
  3. Do you have a comfy and fun pair of heels? You can be as colourful and daring here as you like with black as the back drop.
  4. Next, add a wow element. This might be a stunning pair of earrings, a colourful layer like the red leather jacket above. Look at old wedding or christening outfits and see what you can match with your outfit to up the glam factor. I bet you have a jacket or a top in your wardrobe with a bit of sheen. Time to give it a whirl.
  5. Last but not least, make sure you take time with your hair and makeup. This will make all the difference to feeling fab and actually enjoying the event.

Obviously having colours and styles in your wardrobe that work for you is key and will take the stress out of everyday dressing as well as when occasions arise.

If you haven’t already invested in yourself in this area of your life, may I suggest that it will possibly be the best money ever spent in reducing stress in your life. I recommend you start with learning the colours that make you look your best and take it from there. I provide an online colour service, that you can take from the comfort of your own home. You can read more about it here.

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