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3 Tonal Colour Analysis Secrets You Never Knew

There is still lots of confusion around the Tonal Colour Analysis System though it really is very simple. There are 6 tonal categories of colour – Warm, Cool, Deep, Light, Bright & Soft-Muted and all of these can be related back to the seasonal theory.

Just today, I received a note from a colour consultant who has trained on the tonal system but she is still confused.

I work with both the seasonal & tonal colour systems and here are three little known secrets that I have discovered that will help demystify tonal colour analysis.

  1. If you know Seasonal Colour Analysis, you know tonal colour analysis.

Tonal colour theory is an extension of seasonal colour theory. It is based on the same principles but it gives the colour consultant more choice to work with. I find it particularly helpful when I see elements of warm and cool in a client.

I often find myself looking at the deep, light and bright palettes when my client doesn’t fit neatly into one of the 4 seasons.

  1. Many of your clients won’t care if you give them a season or a tonal designation, they just want to know what colours suit them.

Some image consultants get caught up with the technical aspects of colour analysis, forgetting that their clients simply want to know what colours work for them and how to wear them. Consultants need to be able to translate technical colour speak into a simple explanation that their client can easily understand.

  1. People feel less boxed in and feel they have more choice when you give them a tonal designation

I have found that clients can be much happier with a tonal designation as it gives them more choice compared to a season. Some people who have had their colours done previously, tell me that they don’t love their season. For clients like this, I move away from season and give them a tonal designation e.g. Cool instead of Winter or warm instead of Autumn allowing them more freedom with their colours.

Do you use the tonal colour analysis system and how?

Want to learn more?

Tonal training is provided in my Colour Analysis Made Simple Program.

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