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Cracking the HOUSE PARTY dresscode

I love house parties, especially other people’s!

What’s nicer than getting dressed up, grabbing a bottle of champagne and heading over to someones house. Often not so fun for the host though as there is lots to be done!

When deciding what to wear as a host or a guest, consider comfort upfront as oftentimes you may be standing for quite a while, outside or crammed in between several people on the sofa.

So the trick is to look stylish and put together wearing clothes that won’t restrict your movement too much.

Colour: Choose a top and jewellery in your best colours. Here I have chosen to go warm and have opted for bright blue and gold for a festive vibe. I have also chosen sheen in the top and jacket to up the style factor without going overboard.

Level of refinement: Overdressing or ultra high glam may not be the best option for a house party especially if the host has a natural, relaxed style. Take your cue from the host while staying true to your own style personality. In this case, I have chosen dark wash jeans to keep the outfit grounded, natural and super comfy.

Another consideration is where the party will be – inside or outside. Our parties often spill out into the garden where it gets chilly real quick. A jacket is a must in a situation like this and don’t forget that your shoes need to be able to handle the terrain outside – lawn, pebbled drives etc.

Accessories: These are the perfect way to add style without having to sacrifice comfort. An unusual or festive pair of earrings or a necklace are a fantastic talking point and are a great way to make the outfit your own and showcase your personality.

Well I am off to cobble an outfit together for our house party tomorrow. My husband got a bit carried away and invited 60+!! I will definitely be needing an outfit that handles inside, outside, lots of kids and lots of noise!

What about you? Have you any house parties coming up? Do you know what you will be wearing?

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