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Case Study: How to help your client with less than ideal colours and prints

Here I am wearing my new Lennon Courtney dress.

It is not an ideal choice for a Cool Summer like myself for a number of reasons:

❌ There are three cool colours in the print (blue, pink & navy) and two warm colours (caramel & brown). The pink, blue and navy are perfect for me but the other two wash me out and age me significantly! Luckily these two colours are not too prominent.

❌ There is a lot of colour going on in the print. I look far better in tints, tones and shades of the same colour.

❌ The geometric print is also not ideal for my curved features and soft colouring.

I love this dress and have decided to make it work for me. Your client will have similar items in their wardrobe that they want to keep and wear.

Here is what I can do to make this dress work for me. You can use these same ideas to help your clients wear colours and prints that are not ideal for them.

  1. I have chosen neutral, cool silver and navy earrings. I have avoided adding any more bright colours. The earring design is rounded geometric which picks up the print of the dress without being outright geometric ( In other words, it softens the look a bit).
  1. I have kept my makeup very low key, soft and natural, again to soften my look. I have gone for a soft pink lipstick with a bit of shine and put my hair in a soft updo.
  1. Luckily the neckline is a flattering V so there’s not too much colour near my face but I could hang a vertical scarf in a soft, cool pink down the front of the dress to soften the affect of the print on me. It will also cover up some of the print near my face making the whole outfit look much more congruent with my colouring.
  1. Adding a gilet in a cool slimming burgundy will have a similar effect and the beautiful balloon sleeves of the dress will still be on show.
  1. I will be finishing this outfit with a neutral boot and here is a great place to pull in the warmer colours, far away from the face.

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