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Shopping the sales

Its that time of year when prices are slashed in the shops and the temptation is to buy all sorts of clothes that look like a great bargain.

Do bear in mind that these items are on sale because they haven’t been sold last season and probably weren’t that popular to begin with.

They are only a bargain if they work with your current wardrobe and are in a colour and a style that suit you.

Sales are the ideal time to invest in wardrobe basics that are excellent quality e.g. real leather belts, accessories, classic jackets in your best neutral colours, classic bags and shoes.

Avoid very trendy items that are already going out of fashion.

Here are 5 tips to keep you on the straight and narrow:

1. Go prepared: Choose clothes and shoes that are easy to remove. Today is not the day for a complicated outfit.

2. Shoes: Wear your most comfortable pair that you can slip off and on easily. Avoid high heels and laces.

3. Underwear: Wear your standard underwear that you routinely wear so you can identify any issues with lines etc. A vest is a good idea as it will allow you try pants and skirts by themselves.

4. If you are looking for something specific to go with something else in your wardrobe, then bring that item along with you. e.g. Looking for a jacket to work with your charcoal grey pants, than bring along your charcoal grey pants.

5. This is the time to invest in wardrobe staples in your best neutral colours as these are the backbone in your wardrobe and will return your investment over and over.

For Summers choose greys and navys, for Winters you cannot go wrong with blacks and the darkest greens and mulberry’s. If you are an Autumn or Spring choose chocolate browns and navy’s.

With these tips in mind, go forth and have fun. While I love a bargain, the mere thought of sales give me a headache so I will be staying home with a nice hot port!

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