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In case you were wondering if online colour analysis and style works…..

I don’t do so many online consultations these days.

I spend the majority of my days showing other image consultants how to take their image business online.

I do like to keep my finger in the pie though so I know the challenges my students face.

Recently I had the pleasure of doing an online colour and style consult with the lovely Tanny Jeffrey and she left me the most fabulous testimonial. 🤗🤗🤗

For those of you wondering if online colour analysis and style works, I invite you to read Tannys’ testimonial…..


I came across Aileen Lane via Linked In. I was particularly drawn to Aileen’s posts, because they are interesting and en point without being too ‘salesly’ or aggressive; the articles are always current and informative. 

Over the last 10 years, I had put on a lot of weight, got divorced, moved to a different country and have been travelling extensively, while working in quite a pressured environment and raising teenage boys. It hasn’t left a lot of ‘head space’ to think about image or being able to shop wisely.
In our first session, Aileen conducted a colour analysis. Having sent her a number of photos, I was excited to see the result and I wasn’t disappointed. Aileen went through with me in detail the colours of my suggested palette, engaging in questions and comments along the way.  It was enlightening…. and actually felt very comforting.
I had been dressing almost entirely in black baggy clothes to hide my weigh gain and look ‘anonymous’. Having recently lost a lot of weight, I wanted to re-gain a semblance of the old – and new – me.

Between sessions, I had to send Aileen photos of my body shape, along with ideas of clothes that I found appealing. I really enjoyed doing this and it helped me re-connect with my sense of style. It was brilliant to spend a bit of time thinking about the clothes I feel attracted to for work and casual wear.

In the second session Aileen ran through my style personality and body shape results. Again, very interesting as she highlighted what would and wouldn’t enhance by shape and why.
She was spot on.

At no point was Aileen judgemental or critical. She gently guided me through the best types of clothing and fabrics for me and clearly explained why they would suit. I found the information clear – and in abundance! Certainly detailed notes, drawings and examples of what would go well together. I know I will refer to these and the colour palette regularly.

I have a number of items in my wardrobe that I love and I know full well don’t fit into the ‘right’ category – Aileen was absolutely brilliant in coming up with amazing ‘outfit’ ideas to bring these pieces together and make them work for me.

Have I learned from the experience – yes.

Would I go back to Aileen for advice in the future – yes.

Did I thoroughly enjoy interacting with her (she’s so lovely ) – yes.

Was it good value for money – absolutely.

I feel that I have gotten back on the ‘me’ road and feel well-guided both colour and style wise.
Aileen encouraged me not to rush into the sales, or to start panic buying (which I do because I have so little time to shop) but to set myself a couple of clear objectives, defined my colour rather than’ what’s in fashion right now’ and take time to buy some proper pieces to fit into my wardrobe… I wish she could live in mine as my magic wardrobe pixie!

Thank you again
Tanny x

Tanny Jeffrey, Online Colour & Style Client
Working with Tanny’s existing wardrobe

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