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How I tamed my less than flattering Patterned dress

One of our jobs as image consultants is to help clients make less than flattering clothing work for them where we can. I thought I’d use a recent purchase of mine as an example of how I would do this.

The minute I saw this dress, I loved the print even though the colours were not ideal. Print in general is tricky for me, unless it is very subtle. I tend to look better in solid colours.

I went ahead and purchased it anyway ’cause you only live once and I loved it.

It arrived by post yesterday and indeed the colours are not for me but I love the shape and the print so I will be keeping it.

Here is what I plan to do to rein the pattern in and make it work for a Summer girl with a neat hourglass shape ( figure of eight).

  1. I will add a fitted navy jacket so that there is a solid flattering colour up near my face. The fitted jacket is slimming and will showcase my small and high waist. The fitted layer will ensure that the flare of the pleats start lower down on my body which is much more flattering for a figure of eight.
  2. I will be adding a slim belt in a coordinating colour to the jacket to balance all the detail on the skirt and to further emphasise one of the smaller parts of my body.
  3. I plan to add a heavier sandal in a nude tone to balance the weight added by the jacket and belt in upper part of the outfit.

So you can see, it can be easy to style an item to make it work for you.

I think the essential thing to keep in mind is that the shape of the dress much be flattering for your figure. That bit is pretty non- negotiable.

Would you be able to wear this dress?

How would you style it to make it work for your colouring and body shape?

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