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Confusion and how it prevents you from getting clients

Have you ever been looking for something and got distracted?

The thing you are looking for is right there in front of you but you are distracted and you can’t see it.

I see this distraction on a daily basis when I am speaking with Image Consultants and Personal Stylists.

They are completely caught up in the technicalities of colour analysis and have themselves utterly befuddled. I get messages like this frequently :

Dear Aileen! Could you help me a bit? I have problems to differentiate between light and soft summer. And sometimes if somebody has brown hair and brown eyes and they are a summer, they look the same. Are they cool or soft? Do you have any suggestion how to differentiate? I have also learned a method with 24 categories of colour, I know colour analysis is not about being exact but I would like to have more info from the practical side.

Confused Colour consultant

Do you think this type of confusion is preventing you from getting clients?

I think it is.

You know why? Because if you are caught up in these small technicalities and wondering why and researching about them, then you are not focusing on getting clients in the door and helping them.

Having a steady flow of clients is a full time job and requires very clear focus. Worrying about the small details of getting it perfect is holding you back. I see it every day.

Aileen Lane, Business Coach To Image Consultants

I designed my Colour Analysis Made simple program to address the technicalities of colour analysis and to simplify it so that you can stop fussing about getting it right and spend more time doing colour analysis for your clients.

What is stopping you getting out of your own way and having more clients?

If its worrying about getting it right, then my Colour Analysis Made Simple Program will solve this problem for you.

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