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10 Easy Ways to fill your online image workshops

Working online is the new norm for us image consultants and looks like it is here to stay for the foreseeable future. Doing consultations online, does require a new set of skills. One skill you will need to learn is to fill your online colour and style programs so that you can continue to have a steady and reliable income.

Here are 10 easy ways to fill your online workshops that will have you booked solid in no time:

  1. Come up with a powerful title for your workshop that draws in your ideal client and includes the benefit they will receive from attending it. Here is a free resource that I use to come up with top titles:
  2. Give yourself enough time to promote the event. 10 days before is a good time to start promoting the event.
  3. Get people to register with their email so you can follow up with them closer to the time. Zoom gives you the option to ask people to register for a webinar.
  4. Set an early bird price to encourage early registration. I have never yet met a client that doesn’t love a bargain.
  5. Use testimonials liberally showing the results you have achieved for other people. Written testimonials are great but video testimonials from previous clients are even better.
  6. Tell people exactly what they will get so and what problem you will be solving for them.
  7. Create scarcity. Is there a maximum number of participants that you can take per session? Be sure to mention this and be sure to inform people as spaces start to fill.
  8. Talk about your event every day on social media in video and in posts in the 10 days leading up to the event.
  9. Think about ways you can encourage people to invite their friends e.g. 20% discount for you, for every additional person you get to register.
  10. Make registration and payment for the event as simple and as painless as possible. Do not make people jump through loops to attend as you will lose them in the process.

With no change in the current way of working for the foreseeable future, filling your online programs will remain a daily necessity.

If you are still struggling to get your services online and/or are looking for help in creating a highly profitable online program that you can sell over and over, then drop me a message.

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