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Are You Making This Mistake In your Image consulting business?

I just caught myself sitting back and admiring how far I have come in my business!不不不

I don’t always feel like this, but today I noticed that I have come a long way.

Its been about 2 years since I have gotten really clear on my ideal client and what problem I solve for her.

It’s been 2 years of:

  • Showing up every day on social media so you know I’m out there;
  • Creating new programs and training to help you take your colour and styling services online so that you can get more clients today;
  • Helping you in my training & support groups in every way I can so that you get working online during this crazy time.

There is no ambiguity around who I help or how I help. That’s how clear and persistent, you need to be.

Getting your message out there does not happen overnight but once you are clear on who it is you serve and the problem you are solving for them then the way becomes less torturous.

Yet, I see consultants skip this step this step, time and time again.

Its drives me crazy!!

I ask myself- Why don’t they figure it out? Why are they trying to appeal to everyone? Why don’t they make the one investment in their business that could make a difference?

It seems obvious to me – finding out exactly who it is you serve and how exactly (and practically!) you serve them is THE FIRST STEP before investing in anything else.

That’s why I spend so much time on this step in my Savvy Stylists Business Academy. Its the foundation for everything else we create in there – Your Business Plan, Your Offer, Your Program Curriculum & Materials, Your Lead Generation System and Your Marketing Plan. Without knowing who your ideal client is, I would say it is impossible to create these items.

Anyways, rant over. I have it out of my system for today!

If you are in business more than two years and you are still not making the kind of money you want, then my Savvy Stylists Business Academy may be exactly what you need.

You are a good candidate for this programme if

  • You are still struggling to figure out who your ideal client is.
  • You are selling one-off low value services and have to keep getting new clients.
  • You have little or no business training and dont know what business models could potentially work for your business.
  • You have no reliable system in place for getting leads.
  • You have no plan or strategy around marketing your services.
  • You struggle with being visible consistently on social media.
  • You dont get enough enquiries from clients who are ready to buy.

If youre now BEYOND ready to start having a consistent 5K/month income and getting a return on the investment of hours and money you have put into your business, then drop me a message at and I will send you the full details of my Savvy Stylists Business Academy.

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