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What not to do when launching a new style program?

Launching a new program is very scary for even the most seasoned of entrepreneurs…

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You are putting your new thing and yourself out there for the world to see and it can be petrifying….

So this is what I see happens.

You create your new program which you are really excited about and know you can help loads of people get a result with.

You create your first post about your brilliant new program with great enthusiasm and send it out to your audience. 

And then…nothing – you get crickets…nobody says anything or if you are lucky, you get a message from your mother saying it sounds great (She may even send this privately!).

You keep going and send out your next post, listing the benefits of your program (trying your best to sound on top of the world!) and you don’t even get a thumbs up.

At this point, you are starting to squirm and feel nervous so you decide to retreat.

You go back to sending out posts that you know you will get some engagement on.

In the meantime, your new program is put on the back boiler and you go back to selling your cheaper services. You know for sure you’ll get some sales with these because they have worked in the past.

I want to tell you that this behaviour around launch is common. 

I know because I have most definitely done this myself in the past. 

However now that you know, you have no excuses to resort to retreating.  

For a successful launch you must hold true and follow your plan. 

Laura, Participant, Savvy Stylists Business Academy

You need to continue to post about, talk about and promote your new program despite the lack of enthusiasm from your audience. 

You must continue to believe in yourself until everyone else catches on. Aborting the launch halfway through is absolutely the worst thing you can do because it guarantees failure. It also makes it harder to go back and relaunch.

I have been through many of my own launches as well as those of my clients and I can say with certainty that the ones that were a success had a plan and the plan was executed in detail (Even if the response was less than ideal to begin with). 

In many cases participants joined the newly created programs minutes before the closing deadline. 

Imagine giving up and you may have only been a hair’s breadth away??

Have you gone through a failed launch? 

If you have, it can be very painful and take a serious toll on your confidence. The good news is that any successful business owner had experienced this many times and lived to tell the tale. They picked up the pieces and kept going. They learnt from their mistakes, they got help and went on to have flourishing programs that often started with just a few participants .

If you are a talented Personal Stylist and know you have something unique to offer your client and would like to create a high-value online program that you can sell over and over, then I can help you. You can book a call with me here and we can discuss what the best next steps are for you.

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