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What is the difference between the Online Colour Analysis Starter Pack and the 5 Weeks To Online Colour Expert Program? (Virtual Colour Analysis)

Most weeks I get asked questions about my virtual colour analysis products. Just this morning I was asked ‘What is the difference between the Colour analysis online drapes, and the 5 week colour analysis program?’. I decided to answer this question here in this post because if one person asked it, then probably several of you are thinking it!

So I decided to make a little table to make it easier for you to see the difference:

Online Colour Analysis Starter Pack (Digital Drapes Starter Pack)5 Weeks To Online Colour Analysis Expert Program
Full Set of Digital Colour Drapes
Online Colour Analysis Cheat sheet
Online Colour Analysis Presentation Slides
Seasonal & Tonal Digital Palettes (To place of physical colour swatches typically given to client. You can add you own logo to these. No licencing fee.)
Seasonal & Tonal Client Report Templates ( You can add your own logo, fonts etc to these)
Virtual Colour Analysis Training ( 5 Modules)
5 Full Colour Analysis Consultation Recordings of Aileen conducting online colour analysis with her clients
Facebook Group
Life-time support ( Bring clients for a second opinion or help with coding)

Online Colour Analysis Expert Starter Pack

5 Weeks To Online Colour Expert Program

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