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Repeat Clients – The Bread & Butter for any Personal Stylist

If you are a Personal Stylist working for yourself, then you must put in place a system that encourages clients to come back.

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I started out as a Personal Stylist almost 20 years ago and I still get repeat custom from those early days. It’s always a great joy when people come back for a number of reasons:

  • You know the person, so you can help them to an even more in-depth level.
  • They know you, they already like you and they know what to expect.
  • They are typically raving fans and are a source of fabulous testimonials.
  • They bring all there friends and family. I’ve had husbands, sisters, mothers, mothers-in-law, sons, fathers and friends all lined up in front of me for colour, style and shopping over the years.

So this week, I was thrilled to receive a message from one of my very first clients ever. She came to me many many years ago when I had a little studio in Orchard Road in Singapore.

I can still remember the consultation very well. The lady in question had just opened a huge practice in Singapore and she was taking some time to focus on herself and get her appearance in line with her new role as a CEO.

Now her situation is very different – She has moved country and is in a different phase of her life. Her hair colour has changed and she’s back for an update.

I loved doing my colour session with you probably 20 years ago…! During lockdown I grew out my hair colour and have now gone grey. I’d love to do my colours and style again. 

Kat, Melbourne

While I typically don’t offer colour analysis services anymore, I made an exception for this lovely lady as I totally want to catch up with her after all these years. This time around I will be conducting an online colour and style consult with Kat.

How amazing to be able to offer these services from a small little village in the South of France? I’ve even had clients come back just to have the experience of having their colours done online and get a digital palette🤣🤣🤣. I have had the most amazing clients over the years.

One of the ways to get repeat clients is to have services to entice them back.

Have you offered you clients a colour or style update recently?

Maybe they too have had a hair change, a life change or have moved country?

Repeat clients are the low lying fruit in any business – They already know, like and trust you. Don’t go leaving those lovely ripe fruit fall on the ground and disappear!

If you are not already offering online colour, style, wardrobe, and shopping services online, then check out how I can help you here.

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