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The 5 Habits of a Successful Personal Stylist

Five habits that will ensure a successful business and success for you as a personal stylist.

Successful Personal Stylist
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1) Taking good care of your mind and body
This is my ultimate number one! 
I regularly work on my mental and physical health so that I can keep making progress in my business. I schedule time for physical exercise three to four times a week and I work on my mindset every single day
I make an effort to notice the thoughts running through my mind – Are these thoughts helping me? Are they real or are they just a made-up story?
If you’re having a bad day and find yourself thinking negative thoughts, which from time to time we all do, especially when growing a business, you can work on your thoughts to turn them around. Just because you have a thought doesn’t mean it’s real. 
You are most likely worrying for nothing and most of these thoughts will never happen.
I’m not saying that you should fight them or try to cover them up with false positives, but rather you should allow them just to drift and flow through you. Let them pass as you continue to take positive action towards your goal ( Even if it’s just tinny tiny steps!)
Why is it so important to take care of yourself when in business?
If you don’t take care of your health, it’s difficult to feel good and take the kind of action you need to move forward. It takes confidence to step outside your comfort zone and progress your business.
You need to be constantly building the resilience muscle so that you can put yourself out there and market yourself. 
At some point you’re going to come across someone who isn’t very nice to you. They might have different opinions to you and challenge you in public.
You need to constantly work on your mindset and develop inner resilience so that you don’t ever give up.

2) Show up every day, even when you’re not feeling it
I challenge you to find a day that I haven’t posted something on social media. You’ll have a tough time finding one! I turn up every single day so that people get used to seeing me. My tribe knows that I’m consistent and that I’ll be consistent in our work together. Consistency helps people to trust you, which is a crucial ingredient when it comes to selling your services. 
My top tip is to have a bank of ideas to call on for those days when you’re lacking inspiration or are unwell, etc.As well as consistency, you have to be persistent and not give in. There will be lots of days when you don’t get any business, and there will be days when you feel like you’re working for nothing, and nobody cares about what you’re doing. You have to keep on going!
3) Operate with integrity
What do I mean by that? Simply, it means doing the right thing. So, if you’re taking dodgy shortcuts, exploiting someone to get ahead, or trying to steal someone else’s customers, you aren’t operating with integrity. These kinds of things might look like they could work in the short-term but in the long-term you will come unstuck.As the saying goes ‘Karma never loses an address!’.
4) Be a doer
In other words, get on with things!Make sure you have a plan though, otherwise you’ll waste your time.You need to know where you’re going so you can do the right things to get there.At the opposite end of the spectrum to the doers are the procrastinators who put off doing things until they’re perfect.For example, fiddling about with your website for months instead of hitting publish already!There’s no such thing as perfect so you need to be prepared to loosen your high standards a little and take action.Done is better than perfect. You can always go back to revisit things and polish them up later.
5) Develop a growth mindset
Look for opportunities to learn and look for other ways of doing things. Be open to building new relationships and even forging collaborations as you never know where they might take you!
Beware of being distracted by shiny objects though as they make you lose focus and your potential clients become confused. The best example I can give you about the distraction of shiny objects is from my early days in business. I was living in Singapore at the time and had a one-room office where clients came for their consultations. I came up the with ridiculous idea that I could invite a hairdresser to share my office. Can you imagine the noise of the hairdryer, smell of products and people coming and going for appointments while I was trying to do colour and style consultations? Madness! Thankfully the hairdresser realised it was a bad idea and said no. 😂

So over to you now…Do you have any habits that you’d add to this list? Reply and let me know!

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