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Eight different money personality types – which one are you?

Stylists are always telling me that they want to make more money. Things like “I love what I do, but I need to make more money doing it”, but then they carry on doing what they’ve always done and hope that the money manifests itself simply because they are finally doing work that they love. This is not going to work!

You have to get up close and personal with money. Look it square in the eye and get super comfortable dealing with it. You must know exactly how much is coming into your business, precisely what you’re spending and have a plan to make more money.

If you want to be financially independent, you cannot hope for the best when it comes to money. You need to take control. I’ve spent months learning about money personality and discovering how it affects your business. I’m now encouraging everyone in my community to understand on a basic level what their money personality is so they can learn to change any unhelpful behaviours their personality brings and start earning more.

Like all other facets of our personality, we’re born with a specific money personality, and we’re all slightly different when dealing with money. If you’ve got children, you might have noticed that some are more naturally inclined to spend, and others save. It’s certainly the case in my house!

I’m going to take you through the eight different money personality types, and there’s a free quiz at the end so you can uncover yours. No one money personality is better or worse than the others. There are advantages and challenges to each. Knowing your personality type helps you understand the challenges and learn to change your behaviours to work with more ease and grace. Ready? Let’s go!

1) The Connector

There are loads of stylists out there with this personality type! They’re excellent relationship builders.

  • Your connection to others helps you build long-term relationships that can generate income.
  • You’re happier when someone else makes financial decisions for you – this is your biggest challenge.
  • You’re more likely to be taken care of financially than you are driven to create financial independence.
  • You avoid facing your money situation, hoping that it will improve on its own.
  • You can also let others make you feel disempowered or inadequate about money.
  • Because you care about relationships, you tend to sweep any problems about money under the carpet.

Here’s some news for you, Connectors; you can focus on money AND build relationships by being good with people! The two aren’t mutually exclusive. You can still create good relationships and be compensated fairly. It’s all about finding a balance. One of the simplest things to improve your relationship with money as a Connector is to start tracking everything. Write down exactly what’s coming in and going out of your business every single day so that you build up a clear picture of your finances.

2) The Ruler

The ruler is an empire builder and natural leader. They love leading a tribe of people. They are naturally drawn to lead a group or community.

  • You’re a Ruler if you never feel like you’ve made/ done enough and are continually pushing yourself to achieve more – this can be more certifications, awards or higher financial goals. 
  • You’re often focused on financial gain because you equate it to security.
  • Your business dominates most of your time and attention –you have to work hard to ensure that the other areas of your life aren’t neglected.
  • You may feel fear about losing control of your money, power and identity.
  • You’re a natural and passionate leader. People want to follow you, bringing you the prestige and reputation you desire.
  • You believe that what you’re creating now will bring you happiness in the future which often drives you to overwork.
  • You love empowering people and enriching their lives through your business.

Rulers, remember to enjoy the whole business journey and don’t get lost in focusing only on your ever-changing money goals!

3) The Accumulator

You are the inner banker and tend to judge others for their money habits. You feel a tremendous emotional connection (love, joy, happiness) about saving money.

  • You often feel anxious, reluctant or worried about spending money.
  • You’re likely to be frugal, overthink purchases or insist on buying things in the sale.
  • You’re careful to always live below your means.
  • You often consider items or services a luxury that others feel are commonplace.
  • You rarely, if ever, carry debt and are fantastic at saving.
  • You’re driven to save out of fear of becoming dependent or losing personal freedom.
  • You’re often unwilling to invest in yourself or take any kind of risk that involves money.

That last point is your biggest challenge, Accumulators. The truth is, if you want financial freedom, you’re going to have to invest in yourself to learn the skills that you need. Sometimes you have to take risks to earn money. Not unsafe risks, of course!

4) The Alchemist

You’re attracted to unconventional or alternative ways of making money, and you care more about social justice and leading a movement than making money. You’re an idealist who often cheers for the underdog. As a result, you usually have a love-hate relationship with money.

  • You often find yourself relying on others for financial support.
  • You feel vulnerable or insecure about your ability to create income which holds you back.
  • You find it easy to empower others to believe in themselves – this is an excellent skill for any stylist and one you should monetise if you’re blessed with it!
  • You’re talented at attracting money in unusual ways.
  • You believe that there is an unfair balance of wealth in the world, which causes your inner conflict about money.

If you work on coming to terms with this final point to gain financial independence, you will be able to support any causes that you choose!

Aileen Lane

5) The Maverick

You’re a rebel without a cause who’s attracted to get-rich opportunities.

  • You’re willing to take a financial risk for a potential big win and often love to gamble because of the excitement and potential.
  • You’re happy to stand out from the crowd and don’t care about the opinions of others which frees you up to take risks and make a lot of money.
  • You have courage and tenacity when generating income and are comfortable with making money. You could lose it all and make it back again quickly.
  • You like being rebellious and love showing what you’re made of.
  • You pay great attention to the ups and downs of your finances and are very comfortable talking about and dealing with money.

You need to invest more in tried and tested methods, like systems for making passive and semi-passive income, so that you don’t experience such significant fluctuations in financial security, which could put your family life in jeopardy.

6) The Celebrity

You value money as a tool to achieve the status, image, and recognition you want. You have no problems spending money to enhance your appearance, including designer brands, entertaining and plenty of bling. You’re the inner big shot!

  • You often have a charismatic or magnetic personality that draws people to you.
  • You love being recognised any time you’re generous.
  • You often project an image of wealth and success that doesn’t always match your bank account – which is a real downside for this personality type.
  • Your business often includes a lot of visibility, celebrity or making a big impression.
  • You likely didn’t receive the approval, unconditional love or positive opinion of people important to you as a child.
  • You feel that by displaying wealth, you’ll protect yourself from the negative opinions of others.

My advice for Celebrities: Don’t get carried away and overspend! Keep your eye on the bottom line and live within your means. Don’t hand your finances over to someone else; make sure you understand how you’re paying for everything, including your savings.

7) The Nurturer

You’re an over-giver who takes care of everyone else before yourself. You appreciate money but feel the need to overgive for every penny you bring in.

  • Your natural generosity includes wanting to protect, shelter or nurture others financially, which often means you’re carrying someone else.
  • You’re responsible with your personal finances but often attract people who need your help financially and otherwise.
  • You’re likely motivated to give generously to help others, often at the sacrifice of yourself – you’re usually the one giving away freebies or not being appropriately compensated for your time.
  • You have good money habits but don’t have much saved, or you carry debt because of helping others.
  • Your self-worth comes from compassion, giving and being there for others, but sometimes it can cross over into martyrdom, and you can find it painful to set financial boundaries with people you care about.

You need to work hard to establish boundaries relating to your time and money; otherwise, people will take advantage of you, and you will likely become resentful as what you give isn’t reciprocated.

8) The Romantic

You’re the inner hedonist who loves pleasure! You buy things to feel gratification, sensory pleasure or because you feel like it.

  • You dislike focusing on money and prefer to use it to enjoy the good things in life. It’s all about enjoying the pleasures of today and not thinking about the future.
  • You believe that money is to be enjoyed, and you dislike being told no.
  • You often don’t see the point in saving money as life is to be enjoyed, which is fine when you’re young and can work, but what happens when you’re older?
  • You indulge yourself to feel special, appreciated or valued.
  • You often spend money on things because you feel that you deserve them.
  • You can easily spoil people you care about with lavish or abundant gifts, leaving yourself with nothing.

You may shrug off your money habits, telling yourself you’re not good with money. The thing is, no one’s good with money unless they spend time learning about it and keeping a balance sheet. You need to focus a bit more on savings and the longer-term picture rather than just what you’ve got to spend today.

All the money personality types have their strengths and challenges. No one type is better than the others.

While it may seem that some types are more altruistic, essentially, we’re all the same because we all want more love and security. We’re just motivated in slightly different ways. By knowing your money personality, it’s easier to work out how best you can work with ease and grace.

Whatever your money personality type, you can make more money but still honour the other parts of yourself. Are you ready to find out exactly which money personality you are? Take my free Money Personality Quiz here:

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