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Four mindset shifts you need to make so you can start charging your worth

Charging Your Worth
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Today I’m focusing on mindset and beliefs, on which most of our success is dependent. 

Of course, a solid business strategy is essential, but you also need to work on upgrading your mindset all the time.

Your current attitude has got you to where you are now, but you need to shift yourself to the next level if you want more. 

I’ve identified four mindset shifts that will help you.

Four mindset shifts you need to make so you can start charging your worth

1) Price your services so that you feel good about delivering them

I get SO many questions about pricing. Things like ‘what’s the formula to work out what I should charge?’ and ‘how much would people be willing to pay for a colour analysis?’. The truth is, there is no correct answer! Setting prices is such an arbitrary activity.

Here’s a quick exercise that I use to set my prices:

  • Grab yourself a pen and paper.
  • Pick one of your services or products.
  • Close your eyes and ask yourself a question: what price should I put on this service or product, so it feels really good for me to deliver it?
  • Write down the number that pops into your mind, and that is what you should charge.

I choose a figure that I know will make me feel good when delivering the service to my clients. If I feel good about what I’m earning from the session, the value I provide will be at a whole new level. If I don’t feel good about what I’m making, I’m not likely to put in my very best efforts.

When setting their prices, many people look around at what other stylists are charging and do the same. The problem with that is you’re basing your prices on their limiting beliefs! Who knows how they set their prices? Maybe a friend told them what they should charge, or perhaps they have a poor relationship with money and are massively under valuing themselves. Basing your prices on someone else’s is the wrong way to go about it.

Don’t forget that it’s also difficult to sell something if the price you attach to it doesn’t make you feel good. You won’t put in the effort required to sell it if you don’t think you’re being adequately compensated for the value that you provide.

Another problem with undercharging is that it will draw the wrong kinds of people to work with you, which leads us nicely onto the next point.

2) Market to people at a higher level than you think

Often, if we’re struggling to sell our services, we start to market to people we don’t really want to work with out of desperation and panic. We might do this because of our self-limiting belief that higher-level clients won’t see the value in what we provide. However, it’s vital to move away from marketing at a low level and shift your focus upwards.

When I started my corporate career, the advice I received was to dress for the job I wanted. If I wanted to be the boss, I should dress like the boss and behave like the boss. It’s the same with money mindset! If you want higher-paying clients, you need to target higher-paying clients. If you continue marketing to bargain-basement clients, negotiating on price, giving discounts, holding sales and giving information away for free, you will continue to attract them.

I know that shifting your focus upwards is a big deal because as well as charging more, you also have to work on your self-worth so that you believe in the value that you provide.

3) Decide that your price is not a lot of money and stand fully in your value

You have to understand that your pricing is not actually high for some people. Of course, some will think you’re charging way too much, but they’re not the people you want to work with, so don’t give them a second thought.

You want the people you’re looking for to see the value in what you’re providing, but first, you have to recognise that value in yourself. This is where many stylists fall down. They focus on delivering a colour analysis session, for example, and base their value on the client being able to select clothes in their best colours after the session.

You have to go so much deeper than that!

Selecting clothes in their best colours is just a tiny part of the result you get for your clients. Focus on what your clients will be able to do in life once you’ve helped them.

What are they going to be able to achieve after your work together?

How will they feel after having a colour analysis session with you?

Will they be confident enough to get back into dating?

Will they start to speak up in meetings?

Will they be brave enough to buy some fancy lingerie and rekindle their relationship with their husband?

Now, when you look at the result of them working with you – feeling more confident, better about themselves, better about how they look, and feeling attractive again – is it worth £1,000 if they’re going about their everyday feeling a million times better than they did before?

Perhaps £1,000 for a colour analysis session on its own is too much, but throw in other services like a styling session and a wardrobe edit, and oh boy, £1,000 isn’t anywhere near enough for the transformation you will achieve if you ask me.

I’m going to repeat it for emphasis.

You have to decide that your price is not a lot of money and stand fully in your value.

4) You have to believe in investing at a higher level to achieve a higher level

What my 6 Figure Stylist clients learn is that when they invest in themselves at a higher level, they’re showing themselves self-love. They’re backing themselves, and once they’ve done that, they understand that other people can, and will, invest at that level too, and buy their high-ticket programs and services. Once you decide to invest in yourself at a high level, you trigger many positive changes, especially concerning your mindset.

So, what do you think of these mindset shifts?

They all require lots of inner work to achieve, as does anything when we’re moving to a new, higher plain. You must think very differently about things and work to overcome all the self-limiting beliefs that these shifts will bring up for you.

For example, the minute you say you’re going to invest in yourself at a higher level, all your negative beliefs will come bubbling to the surface. You’ll likely say things like ‘I won’t be able to do it, ‘she won’t be able to help me, it’ll be too much work to complete the program’, etc. All these negative beliefs will hold you where you are if you let them.

If you want to charge high-ticket prices, you need to move into a different space and claim your worth. Nobody else is going to do it for you!

Are you ready to move to a higher level? Learn about the 7 steps I teach to my 6 Figure Stylists here.

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