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The one thing that’s more important than strategy in your business

Aileen in Sweden

I’m writing this blog from a beautiful house in Sweden! Last week I was in Ireland visiting family and this week, my boys and I are in Sweden, making the most of their time off school over Easter. What a joy to be able to work from anywhere in the world?

I’m taking time to chill and recharge because I now understand that self-care is the one thing that’s more important than strategy for me in my business.

Writing from a cosy little spot in this gorgeous Swedish property is a massive achievement for me. Having this kind of freedom has been something I’ve been working toward for several years.

If you’re familiar with my Sacred Money Archetypes quiz, you’ll know that as a Ruler (my dominant archetype), I find it hard to switch off from work, to relax and enjoy life.

The first few years I was in business, I worked so hard and never took much time off, so I’ve recently been trying super hard to bring ease and grace into my business, so I don’t end up burning myself out. I’ve now gotten to the point where I’ve built a pleasure routine into every day. And you know what?

I’m now earning more in my business than I ever was! 🙌

So, today, I’m sharing my thoughts on why it’s crucial for us as business owners to understand our strengths and challenges, and to play to our gifts, so that we, and the people around us, have more ease and pleasure in our lives.

You see, if our lives are easier, this has a positive knock-on effect on those around us. Their lives are easier and more pleasurable too because we’re nicer to be around!

A year ago, I would have struggled to take two weeks off and enjoy it with my family. This year, I’ve already taken 4 weeks to do just that.

I’ve also introduced a lot more pleasure into my daily life. A walk in nature, a leisurely bath with my fave music and some candles lit, a morning sunbathe on the balcony and daily meditation. These activities would’ve been few and far between in the past but they’re a daily indulgence now.

Before, I was so focused on the business, getting clients through the door, and helping them achieve their goals that I hardly allowed myself any pleasure. I suffered for that, and so did my family.

As a Ruler archetype, it’s so easy to let work consume your life. It’s a risk for other archetypes, too, primarily when you work for yourself because you want to prove that you can do it. You’ve also likely invested a lot of money which brings added pressure, and so often, it becomes your whole purpose in life to make it work, to the detriment of all else.

As I’ve worked to introduce a pleasure routine to my daily life, I’ve noticed my general happiness has increased, and so too has the level of service I give to my clients. I have much more to share compared to before when I was depleted and worn out. It’s the same for my family too. Because I’m happier, they’re happier. Taking better care of myself and spoiling myself on a daily basis means I have more to give them. It’s a win-win, whichever way you look at it!

Finding the Sacred Money Archetypes quiz was the catalyst for me to make the change.

I first took it online a couple of years ago but kind of put the results to one side and forgot all about them because I was so busy.

I was introduced to the archetypes again early last year and the knowledge and insights I received spoke to me. I got a bit obsessed and I’ve become certified as a sacred money archetypes coach because of the value I see in this system for myself and for my clients.

I’ve taken LOADS of personality tests over the years. You name it, and I’ve done it!
None of them have been as detailed and helpful as the Sacred Money Archetypes, which helped me understand the shadow side (or challenges) of my personality and the gifts and strengths.

It was due to finally understanding the shadow side of my personality that I decided to build my pleasure routines, and no word of a lie, it has massively changed my life.

I’ve adapted my services to include the archetypes and now devote much time to helping my clients learn the quirks of theirs, particularly those who take my Claim Your Niche VIP Intensive (Pop me a message to if you want to know more about these).

I do it because to run a successful business, you must have a deep understanding of all facets of your personality – your strengths AND challenges. You can then design your business around them. You want to capitalise on your strengths and find a way around your challenges to operate at your best and feel good about everything.

I also teach my clients how to understand the archetype of their own ideal client. If you know who you’re talking to, what motivates them and what challenges them, it can help you connect on a deeper level and start conversations as part of your marketing activity. It also helps you serve them at a much higher level too.

So there you have it – my words of wisdom for this week! If you’d like to understand more about your Sacred Money Archetype, you can take the quiz here. 😊

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