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Proof That VISUALISATION Will Get You Exactly What You’re Looking For

Le Village Mougins

Back in September 2016, I wrote this blog…

It was one of a series of blogs where I explored the best places to live in the world.

While Aidan and I had talked about leaving Singapore off and on for years, I don’t think either of us were too pushed to leave. After 16 years living in the beautiful little red dot, our life was convenient, comfortable and the boys were attending one of the best schools in the world.

I kinda knew in my heart that we needed a life shuffle and some new adventures but comfort and ease were keeping us static.

Little did I know that our life would shortly change and that we’d have to set aside ease and comfort for a bit!

We moved to Mougins, The South Of France in December 2017 and my boys attend one of the schools I talk about in that faithful blog!

I have no recollection of ever orchestrating this dramatic life change. It happened quite seamlessly and without too much thought.

While I can’t pinpoint the exact series of events that got us here, I do have a theory and Marianne Williamson says it beautifully…

Visualize the most amazing life imaginable to you. Close your eyes and see it clearly. Then hold the vision for as long as you can. Now place the vision in God’s hands and consider it done.

Every dream starts with a vision. It has to. You have to have the thoughts first. Our subconscious mind will then work tirelessly to get us that thing. (Note: This will work whether you focus on something positive or something negative. Our subconscious mind does not discriminate.)

This is exactly how my 6 Figure Stylist Retreat began. It started with the thought ‘I’d really love to share this part of the world with my clients and teach them how to have a profitable business at the same time.’

It took two years for my luxurious 6 Figure Stylist retreat to manifest into reality but it’s happening in October. 😊😊😊 And even better, I already have some dream clients enrolled!

I’m currently reviewing applications and there is still time to apply. If you’re a Personal Stylist, Image Consultant, or Fashion Stylist and dreaming about spending time in a heavenly place learning how to create a passive income stream then drop me an email to and I’ll send you a link with more details and the application form.

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