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The Sneaky Way COMPARISON Is Robbing You Of Your Worth…

Did you know that I have a podcast? It’s called ‘The 6 Figure Stylist: The business of being a personal stylist’. You can find all the episodes here: The 6 Figure Stylist podcast

I mention it because when I first launched the podcast last year, I posted new episodes regularly for a while, and then I just stopped and didn’t release any more for months.


Because I fell into the trap that almost all of us do at some point in our business journey: I started comparing myself to others.

NO! I hear you cry.

You might think I’ve got all my s*** together, but I don’t. I find it as hard as anyone sometimes.

Comparing yourself to others is one of the most unproductive things you can do because you start finding fault, go into hiding, and suddenly you’re not living the life you want and chasing after your dreams anymore.

When I first released my podcast, I was really excited to share it and thought it could be something that worked well for me and the business. I thought it could be pretty raw and recorded on my phone while I’m out working my doggies because that’s when I’m most inspired.

It would be a quick and easy way for me to share my ‘in the moment’ thoughts to help inspire you to keep taking those little steps you need to grow your business. It would also be a handy way for you to learn while exercising, cooking, or even walking your own dog!

I stopped releasing new episodes because I got caught up in comparing myself to other podcasters I listen to. They’re all so polished and have lovely little jingles at the start and end. They usually have a structured list of points they want to get across, and the whole thing is planned out so well.

On the other hand, I was rambling away about whatever thought had hit me that day in the forest and all out of breath because I was walking! Frankly, I felt that my podcast was rubbish, and I was letting the side down.

Thankfully though, by catching myself having the thoughts and by recognizing my limiting beliefs, I’ve moved past the comparison and realise that my podcast is perfectly imperfect just as it is. It doesn’t need to have a jingle. It doesn’t need to be recorded in a studio, and it doesn’t need to be like anyone else’s. It doesn’t have to be structured; it can just be me chatting about whatever I’ve learned in the hope it will inspire my listeners.

That’s what it’s all about at the end of the day. Helping all the stylists within my community to keep taking action to grow their businesses so they can continue to work in an industry they’re genuinely passionate about and create the income and time freedom they deserve from all their hard work.

So, my podcast continues. I’m releasing new episodes when I can, and they are all raw and unedited. Just like real life!

As I’m no longer comparing myself to other podcasters, I want you to stop comparing yourself to others too.


I want you to be you – the fabulously unique YOU!

Stop looking at images on social media and saying my business isn’t as polished as that.

Stop commenting on how professional so and so looks.

Stop looking at her hair and makeup and saying it’s better than yours, and she looks more like a stylist than you ever will.

All this comparison stops you from showing up and putting your message out into the world. It stops you from making your business dreams a reality.

There is no such thing as perfect, so you can’t hang around waiting until you are. Get busy now and realize that whatever stage you’re at right now, you are perfect as you are for your ideal client.

Over time you’ll become more polished. All aspects of your business will improve as you keep taking action. Your branding will get stronger, your message will get clearer, and your social media posts will become easier to write, just as mine have.

For now, don’t worry about all that. Instead, focus on the enormous amount of knowledge you already have to share with your audience, which will help them to improve their lives.

That’s almost it for this week, but before you go and get on with your day, I want you to take a few moments to look closely at what’s holding you back right now?

Who are you comparing yourself to?

What can you do to start moving forward again?

If you need help getting unstuck, you can book a strategy call with me here.

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