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Why People Buy – Six Top Reasons

Today I’m going to talk to you about the top reasons that people buy so that you can match them up to the services you provide and make it super clear on your sales pages why they should buy from YOU. If you don’t make it clear to your audience why they should buy from you, they will hesitate, which is not ideal because something else may come along and take their fancy in the meantime. Working out why people will want to buy your services is simple when you know how, so here we go…

I’m going to use my 5 Weeks to Online Colour Expert program to help illustrate each point. Let’s dive straight in!

1) You help them to MAKE money.

This is the most obvious reason that people buy.

When your services and products help them make money, people have a compelling reason to buy. Take my colour expert program, for example – It helps you make money because you get everything you need to take your colour services online, allowing you to work with clients from every corner of the world.

Have a look at your offer. Does it help your clients to make money?

Are you selling a course or program that teachs people a new skill?

Will this new skill help them make more money directly or indirectly?

If your offer helps people get interview ready, you’re also helping them make money. If they get the job, they get the salary to go with it, right?

Sometimes it’s not immediately apparent, so you have to delve deeper into the specifics of your offering to see how your clients might indirectly make money from their work with you. Another example might be where you support women who are going through a divorce. Your styling services will help them present themselves better in meetings and court, which in turn will contribute to helping them win more in the financial settlement.

2) You help them SAVE money.

Look again at your offer, note down whether you your clients save money. If so, how?

Using my example, the 5 Weeks to Online Colour Expert program – It helps you save money on buying physical swatches because it comes with a complete set of digital colour palettes you can give to your clients instead of a physical swatch. You can add your logo to the digital swatch and use the same file repeatedly saving you hundreds of dollars in holding stock of physical swatches and trips to the post office to post them out to your client.

How does your offer help clients to save money?

3) You help them save time.

Now think about how your offer saves your clients time.

My colour expert program provides all the templates you need to conduct online colour consultations including the client intake forms, the selfie specification and the reports you send out to your client following the consultation.

You even receive the presentation slides you use as part of the consultation process.

You can add your logo to the templates and use them repeatedly. This saves you so much time in having to create the documents from scratch yourself.

If you help your clients create a capsule wardrobe, for instance, that saves them time when getting ready every morning. They get to spend more time with their kids before school or a quiet half an hour with the newspapers and a coffee before the day’s madness kicks in. If you help them to understand their best colours and styles, you’re potentially saving them hours trying on things that don’t suit them and returning poorly chosen online purchases to the Post Office.

What else can you think of? Note down as many as you can for each of your offers.

4) You help them save effort.

I’m a lazy person and love buying anything that saves me the effort of hard work. So my online colour expert program would be perfect for someone like me! The reports and templates I provide not only save you time but also save you having to do all the research I did to put them together. I provide everything you need so you can get going straight away. That’s a massive selling advantage which I highlight on my sales page, so it’s clear for potential clients to see.

With your support, your clients will be saved the effort of trudging from shop to shop searching for new pieces because you’ll have advised which shops are best for them based on their colour and style personality. They’re going to have more ease and grace in their lives because they’re always going to look the part without putting in a massive effort once they’re created their new wardrobe with you.

How else are you helping them save effort? Get it all written down!

5) You help them avoid pain.

People hate physical and mental pain, and they’ll often buy immediately to avoid it. What about your products helps your clients avoid that horrible pain they have to endure?

Many people who buy my colour expert program are new to online colour analysis and aren’t sure if they’re doing it right, which causes a lot of mental anguish. It makes you hesitant to market your services because you’re afraid you’ll do it wrong and give people the wrong diagnosis. So, on my sales page, I emphasise the group support that buyers of the program receive. There’s a private Facebook group where I and the 50+ other consultants who’ve already taken the program help you code your clients. So, suddenly you feel much more confident in telling your clients they fall within a particular seasonal or tonal colour category.

How does your offer help people avoid pain? An example could be if you help them find an outfit for their daughter’s wedding. Finding the right dress can be hard enough, but they need accessories too: the right hat, bag, jewellery, make up, and shoes that aren’t going to cripple them. That’s a whole lot of pain you can help them avoid. Is it clear on your sales page?

6) You provide something niche-specific.

If you work in a specific niche, there’s often a reason people specifically want what you have. I work only with image consultants and personal stylists, so I’m pretty well niched! My 5 Weeks to Online Colour Expert program is an Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) CEU-approved program, which means that members of the AICI receive three Continuing Education Units (CEUs) on completion of the program. Think about your programs and services. Are there any niche-specific reasons people will buy them? You know what to do!

Once you’ve identified all of the reasons people have to buy each of your offers, make sure they’re all added to your sales pages. Don’t just choose one or two; include them all because they’re so powerful. The more reasons people have to buy from you, the more likely you will sell.

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