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What is a personal brand and how can you create an effective one for you and your clients?

As you’ll know if you’ve followed me for any length of time, I’m a big advocate of creating a personal styling business that gives you time and financial freedom. 

One of the ways to do that is to get better at attracting clients.

To do that; you need to be clear on your message. To get clear on your message, you have to get visible. You have to show up consistently and share posts and other content online.

You have to be the face of your brand.

I’m going to share eight reasons why developing a personal brand is so powerful, but first, let me explain.

What is a personal brand?

Essentially, it’s the impression somebody has of you after meeting you. Whether they come across you online or at an offline networking meeting doesn’t matter. The more times they meet you, their impression of you solidifies.

What does yours look like?

‘She’s friendly and approachable.

‘She’s knowledgeable and professional’.

Or does it look more like…

‘She’s inconsistent and changes her message all the time’.

Your personal brand is the vibe you give off and what other people think about it.

The more you can feel into your personal brand, the more connections you will make with people. Every post you publish and the comments you make online contribute to your personal brand and the impression people have of you.

Think about your personal brand. What is it saying to people?

Understanding how to build a personal brand is essential for growing your business, but it makes your styling offers so much more valuable to your clients too.

A personal brand isn’t just about the clothes that you wear. 

Take note of the following points and incorporate them into your offers. When you become an expert in educating your clients on all the elements of an effective personal brand, you can charge premium prices.

Eight Reasons Why A Personal Brand Will Make You And Your Clients Successful

1) Opportunity finds you

A solid personal brand makes you stand out from the crowd. People stop to find out more about you. Conversely, if you don’t have a solid personal brand, you blend into the background and go unnoticed. And that’s not the way to being able to live the life you desire!

To create the strongest possible personal brand, you need to consider your primary purpose for using social media. Are you there to make friends and keep in touch with family, or are you there to win business?

I’m there for business, so avoid diluting my brand and message by sharing frivolous posts. I communicate with family and friends through private channels, like WhatsApp, and keep social media strictly for business. So when people see me there, they know exactly what I do and how I can help them.

2) Clients connect with you

When I started promoting my business online, I remember someone saying that ‘your face is your fortune’, which stuck with me. I noticed that engagement went up, and more clients approached me once I started showing my face by sharing pictures and videos of myself.

Then, once I loosened up and started showing some personality, more people warmed to me because they could see I was a real-life person dealing with real-life stuff, just like them. I was relatable.

For a solid personal brand, you need to own your personality and be proud to show it off. It doesn’t matter whether you’re outgoing or introverted and quiet, you have a dry wit, or you’re a sexy bombshell. Show your audience who you are, and the right people will connect with you.

Don’t forget that you have a choice over what you share. Yes, show your personality, but there is no need to air your dirty laundry. You don’t need to talk about your family or anything else you don’t feel comfortable sharing. I rarely mention my husband, for instance, because our relationship is private.

3) You develop confidence

When you first start promoting yourself online, you’re a bit clueless. I was too! I had no idea what my personal brand was. I didn’t even know it was a thing back then.  But I started and kept going. I kept working to understand myself and what makes me tick, and as time went on, my confidence grew.

There are no shortcuts to developing confidence online; you must commit to relentlessly showing up and being visible. 

Working on your blocks around what’s holding you back is key – I have incorporated a whole module in my 6 Figure Stylist program to help stylists step into their personal power, present themselves with confidence, and to show up with charisma. 

When you show up as your authentic self, owning all of you, magic happens – I promise.

The more you show up, the more your confidence grows. You develop more certainty, speak your truth, and become less guarded about what you say. As a result, you become magnetic to the correct type of client.

4) Being visible is far easier

The more effort you put into developing your brand by turning up daily, the easier it becomes to be visible. You end up with a tried and tested formula, so you don’t have to spend so much time thinking and creating.

Take me, for example; when I go live in my Facebook group, I know where I’m sitting (in front of the gorgeous on-brand blue wall in my office that people recognise me for. Yes, even my office décor is part of my personal brand!). I use the same type of delivery each time; I talk for a certain length of time, engage with the people watching, and cover a set number of points.

It’s even easier for me to explain to people what I do now because I’ve talked repeatedly about it over the years. But you know that the first time I did it, three years ago, it was so hard because I didn’t have the same clarity I do now. My thinking is so much clearer because I’ve shown up consistently. The words flow, and as a result, my presentation is much more polished these days too.

5) You stand out from the crowd and are instantly recognisable

I’m regularly reminded of this by my clients. They say that as soon as they see the blue wall behind me, they know it’s me popping up in their social media feeds. The minute I open my mouth and they hear my Irish accent, they know it’s me. And do you know what? For years I was self-conscious about my accent, and I worried that my international audience wouldn’t be able to understand me. Now I embrace it because it’s one of the characteristics that sets me apart from everyone else.

There is no one like me anywhere else online. I am sure of that. No one else in the world has my blend of talents, characteristics and personality. I am unique, just as you are.

Why not start being yourself online? Because when you are, you no longer compete with anyone in the crowded personal styling market. Why? Because no one else is doing things the way that you can.

I can’t tell you how much easier it is to start being yourself and accepting yourself 100% as you are! There are LOADS of people out there who will want to work with you because of who you are. You don’t have to change a single thing about yourself.

When you start being yourself, speaking about the things that are important to you and how you can help people in your unique way, you stand out from the crowd and become instantly recognisable.

Try it before you spend thousands on a gorgeous logo and beautiful website! I don’t have a logo; I use a fancy font. I haven’t spent €€€€€€ on my website but built it myself. Six-figure months have become my reality because I am myself every single time I turn up online.

6) You know exactly what to wear

If I turned up on all my videos and live sessions suited, booted, and highly polished, it would jar with my personality, which is so much more relaxed. It wouldn’t show my clients who I am, and I definitely wouldn’t show up as often because to be immaculate all the time takes so much effort, and that’s just not me.

I must feel comfortable in my clothes to show up and do my best work. I want my clients to feel comfortable with me, and I want them to relate to me too.

My strong personal brand guides my choice of clothes.

My outfits work for the weather and my daily activities, whether cycling to school with the kids, 1-2-1s with my clients, or going live in my groups.

It’s all about ease and simplicity for me so I have a formula- I get dressed in the morning and this takes me right through my day of appointments with minimal faffing.

There is no end to the power of your personal brand!

7) You know what content to publish

The more work you put into developing your personal brand, like understanding who you are, what your values are, and identifying your secret sauce – the unique problem you solve for people – you find that you have so much to talk about that content ideas flow effortlessly from your brain to your screen.

These days I have more ideas than which make it onto my socials, and none of them has come from any magic formula; they’ve come from showing up and doing the work, that’s all.

8) You get hired

Ultimately, being hired is what it’s all about. We develop personal brands and show up on social media to win business. When you show up consistently, people see you many times over and get to understand your personal brand. They begin to trust you and what you say, and when they’re ready, they hire you. You earn more money and are another step closer to the life you want for yourself and your family.

What do you think about the concept of a personal brand? Is yours clear, or do you need to show up more to gain more clarity?

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