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Do you panic when it comes to promoting yourself…I’ve got the solution.

Gosh, it was a total scorcher here in Ireland over the weekend! The temperatures soared to the mid 30’s. Totally unheard of! Ireland is very beautiful when the sun shines so I’ve been loving every second.

I got to play aunty to my brother’s little boy and it brought back many happy memories with my own two boys. 

There is nothing quite like getting soft pudgy hugs and small hands curling around yours. Total bliss.

His mother handed him over to me on Sunday morning and the poor little mite was terrified. He had no idea what was happening and he had no idea why his mother was leaving.

He was a great little boy though and after three rounds of the park and a bit of Peppa Pig, he was starting to relax.

He was extraordinarily quiet and still though, and I know this is not him – He’s naturally very active and exuberant. 

He reminded me of how we behave when we are scared.

We shrink. We stay as small and quiet as possible.

It’s a natural response when we think we are not safe and is commonly referred to as the ‘freeze response’.

I saw a similar fear in the stylists who attended my procrastination workshop. They told me they are riddled with fear and procrastinate endlessly due to imposter syndrome, fear of criticism, and fear of being seen and judged.

Others told me that they didn’t even know what they were afraid of, they just couldn’t take action.

Many of these fears are learned in our early childhood and they have an enormous grip on us. They can seem totally irrational but they have a debilitating effect on our ability to take action, shine brightly and turn up as our authentic selves.

When we are experiencing this type of fear we revert to old (often unproductive) habits in an effort to stay safe. It is near impossible to take any kind of different action, let alone try something new when we are operating from this place.

If you are terrified you’ll take a wrong step then it’s very likely you are playing small.

You plod along trying your best to turn up but at the same time keeping things nice and safe.

  • Posting the same kind of posts you’ve always posted
  • Only posting pictures of yourself that have been touched up to within an inch of their life (touched up a lot!)
  • Imitating other stylists’ posts so you don’t stand out too much
  • Never having an original opinion
  • Making a small ‘call to action’ and then retreating and beating yourself up when no one opts in.

To get what you want, you need to step into your personal power and ask for things even when people say no over and over!

How resilient are you to hearing ‘no’?

Do you shrink back and think ‘I knew I should never have asked‘ or do you think ‘My offer is not quite right, and it’s a no for now‘?

These two reactions are the difference between people who have a flourishing business and those who have a steady and often lucrative income.

I have something NEW and very exciting coming your way soon to help you step into your personal power and feel safer asking for what you want.

It’ll empower you to:

  • Reclaim your grounded, powerful presence so you feel utterly confident in what you offer and the value you provide.
  • Unblock your fuel for motivation, action, and charisma so you turn up consistently and build the relationships that will result in clients.
  • Discover how to be unstoppable, confident & assertive so you continue to grow your business without exhausting yourself and burning out.

Hit reply to this email if you’d intrigued and would like to hear more about my Chakra Empowerment Program

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this new program

It’ll be the first time I’m running this 12-week program so there will be an amazing introductory price never to be seen again after the first round!

It changed my life, it’s changing the lives of the stylists I work with and this can be you too!

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